Arndís Thorarensen

Arndis Thorarensen is a a Senior Consultant and Partner at Parallel Ráðgjöf. She has experience from corporate finance and PE owned companies as the CEO for retail and restaurant entities. She also has background in finance and investment as well as 10 years of experience as a lecturer in the Business Dpt. of Reykjavik University. Arndis holds a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and a MB.


Fiona Fei Xiang

Solicitor of England & Wales, Lawyer of PRC Chairman's Office. Geely Holding Group


Ingólfur Guðmundsson

Gudmundsson has an extensive and broad experience within banking, pension funds and managing of other financial institutions. Gudmundsson has through his career held numerous management positions in Landsbanki Íslands Most notably he has held the positions of Marketing Director, Regional and Head Office Branch Manager as well as Managing Director for both Retail and Private Banking. Subsequently Gudmundsson worked as a Managing Director for the Engineers’ Pension Fund. Gudmundsson has held board positions of numerous Icelandic companies and organizations.


Laurent Van Wulpen

Laurent Van Wulpen is Strategic Development Director at Methanex Corporation, the leading manufacturer and distributor of methanol to global markets. Since joining Methanex Europe in 1998, he has held several management roles in the areas of marketing, logistics, sales and operations. Currently, he’s leading various strategic initiatives related to Corporate Development, global commercial projects and Responsible Care.

DR. Oddur Ingólfsson

Dr. Oddur Ingólfsson is a professor at the department of chemistry and the head of the faculty of physical sciences at the University of Iceland.  He is a co-founder of Carbon Recycling and an Icelandic company; Lífdísill ehf, focusing on conversion of municipal waste to valuable raw materials. He has been involved in various international research projects and is currently the coordinator of the academic/industrial Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Innovative Training Network; ELENA.


Tanya Zharov is Chairman of the Board of Directors of CRI. She is the deputy CEO of de CODE genetics. Tanya was the General Counsel of the Icelandic securities firm Virding 2014-2015. In 2008 she joined Audur Capital as founding partner and General Counsel of Audur Capital. From 1999-2007 Tanya was VP, corporate governance and administration at deCODE genetics and served as the company’s corporate secretary from 1999. Prior to that, Tanya was a tax partner with Pricewaterhouse Coopers specializing in international tax and corporate law.