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CRI Ji Xin Environment Protection Technology Co. Ltd. (CRIJX) was founded in 2017 in Shangai, China as a joint venture, incorporated by CRI, Geely Holdings and Zixin Environmental Protection Tech. Co.

CRIJX's objective is to promote and invest in the Chinese green methanol industry by using CRI's proprietary ETL technology, in order to reduce CO2 emissions.  CRIJX offers a standard ETL plant design with a nominal 50,000 t/yr methanol production capacity. The standard design can also be adapted to larger or smaller scale, depending on client requirements.

Cooperation is among Carbon Recycling International's core values, as confiding in one other is pivotal for the development towards a clean future. The establishment of CRI Ji Xin marks a major milestone in the progression of CRI's technology and the field of carbon capture and utilization in general. 

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CRI Ji Xin Staff

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James Xia - CEO
夏红星 - 总经理

James Xia has more than 20 years working experience in fine chemicals and coal based conversion technology and projects. Having worked with various multi-cultural companies in the field, James possess a strong technical background demonstrating his competence in project development, technology licensing, business development and general management.

Telephone: +86 139 1082 8505



刘伟 – 高级业务发展经理

Lewis Liu has almost 10 years working experience in petrochemical, clean utilisation of natural gas and coal based conversion technology and projects, mainly on process design, engineering, process optimisation, project management and business development. 






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Geely Invest in Carbon Recycling International

In 2015, Geely Holding Group (Geely Group) announced plans to invest a total of US $45.5 million in Carbon Recycling International. The investment consisted of an initial investment and additional purchases of CRI equity over a three-year period.

The signing ceremony, convened in Reykjavik Iceland, was attended by Icelandic Prime minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Group.

Letter of intent signing

In November 2017 a signing of a letter of intent for further cooperation with Hami Runda Jianeng Power Generation Company. took place.

Auxilliary hydrogen supply can be utilized to produce methanol if a feedstock of CO2 is present as well.

CRI Jixin strives to locate such opportunities and present a case for utilization, which serves the ultimate goal of CO2 reduction and subsequently, a cleaner future.


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