Carbon Reduction And Enhanced Vehicle Performance

Chemically, Vulcanol (TM) is fuel grade methanol, a clean burning, high octane fuel that can be blended with gasoline for automobiles and used in the production of biodiesel or fuel ethers (DME, MTBE, OME etc.) Vulcanol (TM) from our current production plant reduces carbon emissions by more than 90% compared to fossil fuels, in the complete product life-cycle, from extraction, production to end use. The process is certified by SGS Germany according to the ISCC Plus system, based on standard ISCC EU methodology for calculation of GHG emissions in the product life-cycle. As a combustion fuel, Vulcanol (TM) has high octane rating (109 RON compared to 95 RON for standard gasoline), which translates into higher efficiency of conversion into mechanical energy compared to gasoline or diesel.

Government across the world have implemented regulatory frameworks aimed at achieving carbon reduction targets formed to combat the threat of climate change. These regulatory framework provide blenders with economic incentives to use alternative renewable fuels as blending components. Consisting of a negative carbon footprint at the point of production, Vulcanol (TM) offers significant value to gasoline blenders interested in collecting carbon reduction certificates and/or utilize other incentives provided by the the governments in the markets in which they operate.

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Laminar burning velocity at NTP allows for tighter combustion control and precise torque management


Octane rating improves the blends’ knock performance and avoids undesired detonation


CO2 reduction and no formation of particulate matter significantly alters the blends’ environmental profile