Academy of Sciences China Learns about Renewable Methanol production – News article from Morgunblaðið newspaper

''They asked for this meeting to learn about the technology that CRI uses, the plant in Svartsengi and the methods we have to recycle CO2‚'' Benedikt Stefánsson, manager of business development at Carbon Recycling International, says. Yesterday a short conference was held by Carbon Recycling International and the Federation of Industries where the research on how to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, done by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were discussed.

The occasion of the conference was a visit by a Chinese delegation to Iceland, which is here to learn about the technology CRI has developed and uses in it´s plant at Svartsengi in Grindavík. The delegation is led by Chunli Bai, president of the Chinese Acadamy of Sciences, and other members include Kuiling Ding, professor of chemistry and president of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, and professor Long Liu who works for the same institution.