Methanol car fleet test yields positive results

CRI, in collaboration with its Chinese partners Geely, has completed a joint fleet test program to run six Geely M100 Methanol cars on CRI's brand of renewable methanol in Iceland -Vulcanol(TM) which is the most advanced methanol fuel available on the market. CRI managed the implementation of the program in Iceland with local partners, Brimborg car dealership and service provider.

The  regular looking sedan,  goes by the name Geely Emigrand M100. It is equipped with two fuel tanks, one for renewable methanol and other for gasoline which is used for cold starts only. The Emigrand's interior and features are the same as in vehicles fuelled by other energy sources, including leather seats, comfortable leg room as well as a back-up camera and key-less entry.

Having been in daily use in Iceland by CRI staff and external drivers since April 2016, the cars have demonstrated positive performance both from an environmental and an economic perspective. With more than 70% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to cars running on traditional fossil fuels, the Geely Emigrand exhibits the critical implications methanol-fuelled transport can have on the development of a more sustainable future.

Economically, the cars are comparable to conventional similar sized cars, whether they run on fossil fuel or electric powered motors, or a hybrid of the two.

The achieved results give reason to proceed to further trials, involving more vehicles from Geely being imported to Iceland. We at CRI are proud to be active participants in the project which has great potential to prove relevant to governments seeking to comply with their obligations of lowering CO2 emissions.