Members of the US Senate Energy and Environment Commitees visit CRI

Lisa Murowski (R), Senior US Senator for the State of Alaska and Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, with Senators John Barrasso (R) State of Wyoming, member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and Mike Rounds (R) State of South Dakota, member of the Committee on Environment and Public Works visited Carbon Recycling International's renewable methanol plant on Friday September 25. The Senators were accompanied by US Ambassador Robert C. Barber, spouses and members of staff.

During the visit at CRI, the Senators learned about CRI's innovative technology for production of renewable methanol from hydrogen and carbon dioxide emissions and the potential role of renewable methanol in providing cleaner fuel for road transport as well as the marine sector.

The Senators will also meet with other representatives of the Icelandic energy sector, members of the Althing (parliament) and government ministers.