The The Icelandic federation for Motor Trades & Repairs (BGS) was established in 1970. 155 companies related to the industry are members in the Federation. BGS represent the interests of motor trade and repair businesses in Iceland.

Geely Group is China´s leading international automotive group. The Group consists of a number of automotive brands, including world renowned Swedish automaker Volvo Car Corporation, the United Kingdom iconic London Taxi Company, and the Geely Auto brand, which markets cars in 35 countries across the world.

Grindavik is a municipality on Reykjanes peninsula. The municipality alone produces more than 40% of Iceland's salt fish production with one of the most active harbours in Iceland. The George Olah Plant of CRI is located at Svartsengi in Grindavik.

HS Orka harnesses geothermal energy, steam, and water at Svartsengi and other areas on the Reykjanes peninsula. HS Orka is the provider of all feedstocks to the George Olah Plant of CRI.

The Innovation Center Iceland is the national laboratory under the Ministry of Industry. CRI collaborates with the Innovation Center on grants and technology development.



Methanex is a Canada based public company. It is the world's largest producer and supplier of methanol to international markets. CRI collaborates with Methanex on Responsible Care centered operation and advocacy for clean fuel.


Perstorp is Scandinavia's leading bio-diesel producer, with one of Europe's most modern and efficient rapeseed oil methyl ether plants, located in Stenungsund, Sweden. It is the first customer of CRI for manufacturing of biodiesel in Europe.

Varo Energy is the largest independent player in the Western European downstream oil market, combining storage and distribution with the international trade and sale of mineral oils and biofuels. It is the first customer of CRI for gasoline blending.