Resource Efficiency by Carbon Recycling


Carbon Recycling International (CRI) is the world leader in power to methanol technology. We produce renewable methanol from carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and electricity for energy storage, fuel applications, and efficiency enhancement. We are a technology provider to the power generation and industrial production industries. Our solutions are environmentally friendly and do not impact the food chain or land use.

The invention and innovation in our power to methanol technology, Emission to Liquid (TM), includes the direct synthesis of carbon dioxide to methanol; the application development of large scale water electrolyzers, purification of industrial flue gases; process design for zero emissions of CO2 in the production cycle; and factory based construction for fast and safe deployment. 

Methanol is a global commodity. It can be used as a transport fuel and as a chemical feedstock for many common building blocks for basic materials. It is vital to modern life.

First renewable methanol fuel station in the world for electric cars

A fuel pump operated by Danish petrol company OK offering a 100% blend of CRI's renewable methanol (Vulcanol) was opened in Aalborg, Denmark on August 26th. The fuel pump will serve electric vehicles fitted with methanol fuel cell range extenders provided by Danish company Serenergy. The Vulcanol is provided by Carbon Recycling International from its pioneering Emissions-to-Liquids plant in Svartsengi, Iceland.


Ségolène Royal visits Carbon Recycling International

Ségolène Royal, French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy today visited Carbon Recycling International's renewable methanol plant in Svartsengi, Grindavik, Iceland with Ragnheidur Elin Arnadottir, Minister for Industry and Commerce and several Icelandic and French officials.


Cofely Fabricom and CRI partner to build modular power-to-methanol solutions for chemical, power and steel industry

Carbon Recycling International (CRI), a pioneer in power-to-methanol technology based on carbon capture and utilization, and Cofely Fabricom (ENGIE Group) one of the leading multidiscipline engineering, project management and construction organisations in the UK, today announced a partnership to engineer and build solutions based on CRI's power-to-methanol technology which can be deployed widely, such as in chemical, power and steel industries.


Geely Group Invests in Iceland’s Carbon Recycling International in Further Step Forward for New Energy & Methanol Vehicle Efforts

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Group) today announced plans to invest a total of US $45.5 million in Carbon Recycling International (CRI). The investment consists of an initial investment and additional purchases of CRI equity over a three-year period. Geely Group will become a major shareholder of CRI and will gain representation on the company's Board of Directors.


Carbon Recycling International and Perstorp sign offtake agreement for renewable methanol

Perstorp, Scandinavia's leading biodiesel producer and a world leader in the specialty chemicals market, has signed a long-term offtake agreement for supply of Vulcanol™, renewable methanol from Carbon Recycling International (CRI) in Iceland. Vulcanol™, made from CO2 and renewable energy is 100% fossil free and contributes to the low carbon footprint of Perstorp's Verdis Polaris™ Aura biodiesel product, which reduces emissions of CO2 by more than 60%, compared to fossil diesel.


Carbon Recycling International nominated for the Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize 2015

Carbon Recycling International has been nominated for the Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize 2015. The theme of this year's prize is reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the Nordic Region.
CRI is one of eleven companies, organizations or individuals in the Nordic countries nominated for the prize this year. The winner will be announced and the prize will be awarded in Reykjavik during the Nordic Council Session on October 27 2015.


CEO of CRI invited to present at business summit on global climate change action

KC Tran, CEO and co-founder of Carbon Recycling International (CRI) has been invited to address the Business & Climate Summit, which will be held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris May 20-21, 2015. The summit is organised to take place 200 days before the much-anticipated UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), in Paris November 30 - December 11 2015, where world leaders are expected to reach the first universal and legally binding climate agreement for all major emitters.


Expansion of Carbon Recycling International environmentally friendly fuel plant celebrated

Carbon Recycling International (CRI) celebrated the expansion of the company's renewable methanol plant in Svartsengi, Iceland, in a ceremony on Thursday April 16, with a large number domestic and foreign guests. Speakers at the event included Mr. Illugi Gunnarsson, Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Robert Cushman Barber US Ambassador to Iceland and Mr. Wolfgang Benesch, Head of Energy Technologies, from the German power company Steag.


MHPSE and CRI Offer Power-To-Methanol Solutions to Increase Flexibility and Sustainability of Power and Process Industry

Carbon Recycling International (CRI), a pioneer in power-to-methanol technology, and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe (MHPSE), a market and technology leader in the design and construction of thermal power plants, today announced a strategic alliance to deliver power-to-methanol solutions to increase operation efficiency of coal power and chemical plants. Methanol is in high demand as a basic chemical and fuel for transport. Power-to-methanol is a viable technology for large-scale storage of wind and solar power.